Parent Infomation

The Northern Nevada Math Club (NNVMath) members meet once a week for 2 hours. While we encourage members to attend every week, we know this isn't possible as many of our members are involved in numerous activities. As such, we ask members to come to as many practices as they are able. After functioning as a club for several years and realizing that we in order to expand our mission, in the Summer of 2014 we filed to be a Nevada non-profit. Our IRS paperwork is being completed and filed. We do not charge for participating in our program. We do ask that parents participate in the success of our fundraisers. We also ask them to evaluate their student's involvement and make a donation as it makes sense for their family. While we never want money to be the reason a student can't participate, it does take money to pay for competitions and travel. At a minimum, please become a Community Support by donating $25 per year.

Parents are also encouraged to volunteer in the following ways:

  •  volunteer to work on our Spring or Fall Math-OFFs (need: marketing, food & beverage, ticket sales, set up, and tear down)
  •  recruit new student members (math kids tend to make friends with other math kids, so, invite them to participate)
  •  encourage businesses to become one of our Community Pillars or Event Sponsors
  •  design our t-shirts
  •  join our committee to put on our 1st math competition (looking at April 2016)
  •  join our steering committee
  •  become a board member
We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

If you see something that can be done to enhance this experience for our students, we welcome you to volunteer! If you have any questions, contact Sherry Griffin.

Conduct - it should go without saying but, unfortunately, we do need to say it. Club members who are disruptive will be asked to leave. Depending on the situation (s)he may be asked to leave for the night, until they are more mature, or permanently. It is our hope that this will never occur but we want to make it clear that we do expect good behavior and for everyone to strive to be 'enjoyable' to work with by their teammate.