Competition Team

Do you enjoy math? We don't mean doing repetitive problems over and over, or problems that you have to do in a specific manner to receive a good grade. We mean do you enjoy being given a challenging problem that requires you to think and be creative? And do you enjoy working with others who like thinking and being creative as well?

If yes, check out NNVMath’s Competition Team.  Our Competition Team goes to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) each year to participate in ARML.  Going to ARML is a fun and rewarding experience.

Q & A:

Who can join NNVMath’s Competition Team?

What is ARML?

How many students are on the Competition Team?

How much is it to be on the Competition Team?

Our family is undergoing serious financial hardships and even these minimal fees are more than we can afford.  Are there any options?

Are there practices?

What if I can’t make all practices or MathRocks contest?

How do I join the Competition Team?

I have a question not listed here.  How do I get it answered?